Sunday, April 1, 2012

The zen of knitting

I am working on the Cedar Leaf Shawlette pattern by Alana Dakos. It's a long, narrow shawl, with 270 stitches to cast on. On row 32, I came to the sinking realization that I had made an irrecoverable mistake in just about every row -- I miscounted the short row stitches.

So I did what I've done so many times before -- ripped it out and started over. I've just finished the border, again, and before I make the mistake again, I am checking with my favorite knitting "sifu" (master), Lisa Whiting.

For some reason, the fact that I had to rip it out is disappointing but not frustrating. I've learned how to wrap and turn, and I get to spend more time working with this lovely Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn in Manzanilla Olive.

This is the zen that knitting reinforces for me. Nice.

I'm looking forward to finishing and wearing the shawl, though!

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